The Cleaning Industry and Sustainability: Clean and Green for the Future

Sustainability is driving many economies throughout the world. The guidelines for limiting global warming call for reducing the net emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by 50 percent before 2030 and to no net emissions by 2050, a goal commonly known as Net Zero. This goal is requiring companies to evaluate their strategies for going green. The sustainability cleaning industry is undergoing a particularly significant shift with respect to customers’ demands for greener products and greater sustainability. Achieving this goal will require meeting their current needs without interfering with the ability to meet the needs of future generations. Pharo Asset Services is already starting to implement green initiatives, but many opportunities for environmental improvement still exist.

6 Steps Towards Sustainability in the Cleaning Industry

The following six steps show how organizations can complete their journey towards sustainability:


Commit to sustainability

Commitment to sustainability must start at the top, meaning senior executives must buy in to the initiative.


Write it down

Documenting a sustainability program greatly increases its chances of success by helping everyone understand the program’s objectives, ensuring accountability and creating a culture of sustainability.


Engage employees

Sustainability is a team effort, so all departments need to contribute. Other stakeholders like vendors should also join the project once it reaches the appropriate point in its development.



Measuring the consumption and waste of resources allows organizations to set goals for usage restrictions.



Monitoring resource consumption helps companies ensure they don’t backslide on their sustainability measures, and also demonstrates measurable progress towards the ultimate goals.


Set goals

Establishing goals that are realistic without being overly conservative is particularly important at the beginning of a sustainability project. It will also encourage participants to find new ways to reduce waste.

Managing Director – Pharo Asset Services
I’m Passionate about Sustainability and ensuring that our Companies and our employees make a positive impact, we set initiatives to achieve our goals and together we can thrive and get to net zero by 2050!!



Green Solutions And Technology

Pharo Asset Services adopts sustainable cleaning, and we aim to use biological products and methods that are safer for both environmental and human health. Eco-friendly cleaning products can reduce air and water pollution, as well as helping fight ozone depletion and climate change in the future. In addition, we can use Pulse Mops, washable microfiber mop heads and cloths as they use less water and laundering materials, which minimizes waste for the whole business. From an economic perspective, this reduces the organization’s impact on the environment.


Improving Waste Management

Pharo Asset Services takes sustainability to the next level by assisting our clients in adopting a waste hierarchy that encompasses three key levels: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reducing the consumption of cleaning products and chemicals is essential to the waste hierarchy, closely followed by reusing or repurposing items to limit waste and ensure less energy is spent. Recycling is also promoted and encouraged amongst out clients, especially as there are very few materials that cannot be recycled.


Green Cleaning Products

Pharo Asset Services ensure we are operating in ways that mutually benefit society and protect people. Social sustainability involves evaluating how commercial cleaning companies treat employees and ensure their wellbeing. Additionally, factors such as local employment, diversity and inclusion are vital considerations, as well as making sure we pay our workers in line with the Cleaning Award Standard, we also have a responsibility in partnering with relevant charities and projects to ensure that local communities benefit from the company’s presence within our community.

Areas we have adopted to make this change


Microfiber Cloths

For all sorts of cleaning tasks, paper towels have been the norm for quite a while. While they’re effective, paper towels are a single-use item and are incredibly wasteful. Pharo Asset Services only uses microfiber towels for cleaning. These cleaning cloths are made up of very small fibres from a blend of synthetic materials, including polyester, nylon, or polyamide. They’re incredibly strong and lightweight and the nature of the small fibres make it easier to pick up dust, dirt, and grime.
Microfiber cloths work for both wet and dry applications, making them a versatile option. They’re also easy to wash, meaning you can use them repeatedly without creating excess waste. Microfiber cloths also dry out quickly and are resistant to bacterial growth. Additionally, because they’re washable and long-lasting, you won’t need to buy replacements for a long time. In a financial sense, they’re a huge cost-saving measure over disposable paper towels.


Recycled Paper Products

While microfiber cloths are a more environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels, there may be certain jobs that still require the use of disposable paper products. For these jobs, you can be sure that we supply paper towels and other disposable paper products made from recycled materials. Doing so utilizes recycled paper instead of cutting down more trees to make new paper. While using recycled paper towels still creates waste, it’s a much better option than conventional paper products made from new wood materials.


Refillable Cleaning Bottles

Commercial cleaning generally requires several different bottles of cleaning solutions, including dusting solutions, window cleaners, floor cleaning solutions, disinfectants, all-purpose cleaners and more. Constantly buying individual bottles of each of these solutions can get expensive quickly and wastes plastic and water. However, we have a filling station with bulk cleaning solutions and using refillable bottles can save on resources and create far less waste.
Rather than buying individual bottles of products for each cleaning session, bulk containers give our cleaners a simple way to access the solutions they need. When these bulk cleaning products run out, we buy in bulk. This strategy costs less financially and waste-wise, helping the planet and our business

Plant a tree – We are also going to support Bear Cottage and donate a % of profits to Bear Cottage each year.
Charity work – As part of the sustainability we have decided that every new client we will adopt a tree.